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Summary of Examples Hazard 7 Lead

Example NumberSourceProperty DateSoreys/LocationProperty TypeSummary InformationHazard Link
1CLG1920s2 StoreySemi detachedRepainting of internal woodwork has not included removal of original paint, and the main lead water supply pipe has not been changed. The water supply pipe serves the cold water tap over the sink and the electric water heater. Water supplies are known to be plumbo-solvent. The likelihood of an occurrence would dramatically increase if appropriate precautions are not taken when repainting and because of contamination of the water supply.CExample 1
2BCC19102 StoreyMid Terrace HouseThe water supply pipe serving the dwelling from the public main is the original lead.CExample 2

BCC – Bristol City Council
CLG – Department of Communities and Local Government
IDeA- Improvement and Development Agency (for Local Government)

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